Giorgos was born in Famagusta Cyprus on March 14th 1973. His family moved to Larnaka after the Turkish invasion and settled down there where he went to elementary school and high school. After serving in the Cyprus Army as a second lieutenant he spend six years in the United States studying Computer / Data communications. The past two years he has been working for KPMG's Information System Security group (New York) on different international engagements. 

Giorgos has been a supporter of Anorhtosis Famagusta and Nea Salamis Famagusta and was one of the players on the Nea Salamina New York team roster for the 1999-2000 season (the teams first season).

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In Switzerland
In Italy
In New York (with friends at Thiasos Night Club)
View from the seats of the Olympic Stadium of Rome (Latsio - Inter January 2001)

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